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The library closed at 3 p.m. today for the Thanksgiving holidays. We will re-open Monday at 10 a.m. Remember that you can drop off DVDs and CD (books, too) at the book drop located at the entrance. This is also the last column until we start purchasing new materials. Look for my return in late January!Do you get e-mails from your favorite person that pharmaceutical companies refuse to produce a pill that will cure the common cold? Or how about the automakers buying up the technology where a car is virtually indestructible? If so, you should check out “Debunked! Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends and Evil Plots of the 21st Century” (364.109 ROE R) by Richard Roeper. “Amazing Stories of Survival” (363.348 TIM H) from People magazine has stories that deal with crashes, shipwrecks, accidents, natural disasters and how ordinary people survived those horrors. When reading it, it is sort of like eating popcorn; you aren’t satisfied with just one kernel.“Alone on Guadalcanal: A Coastwatcher’s Story” (940.542 CLE M) is a remarkable memoir of Martin Clemens who helped shape the first great Allied counteroffensive. Scottish-born and Cambridge-educated, Clemens managed to survive months behind Japanese lines in one of the most unfriendly climates and terrains in the world. After countless partisan and spy missions, in 1942 he emerged from the jungle and integrated his Melanesian commando force into the heart of the 1st Marine Division's operations. This book is based on a journal Clemens kept during the war and might well be the last critical source of analysis of the Solomon's campaign. His accounts of harrowing long-distance patrols and life on the run from shadowy Japanese intelligence operatives and treacherous islanders are unmatched in the literature of the Pacific War. First published in 1998, the story is essential and enjoyable reading.In a review from Publisher’s Weekly, Jane Finnis’ third mystery starring innkeeper Aurelia Marcella, gets off to a rocky start. “Buried Too Deep” (AUCD F FIN J) features Marcella, who runs the Oak Tree mansion in the wilds of occupied Britannia. Add in sea raiders who have been attacking people along the coast and Aurelia's twin brother, Lucius, a government agent, who is investigating the possibility that these raiders are gold-seeking marauders from Gaul. Meanwhile, greedy Roman landowner Ostorius Magnus and his unsavory nephew have been squeezing tribesmen off their lands. A shipwreck sets off rumors of buried treasure when the vessel's strongbox is found to contain a severed head rather than the expected plunder. During their long quest, Aurelia and Lucius spot Voltacos's men mysteriously digging a trench. Various murders further muddy the case. This is a book on CD.Another couple of mysteries are “Stalin’s Ghost” by Martin Cruz Smith and Margaret Truman’s “Murder on K Street.” Smith brings back detective Arkady Renko (of Gorky Park fame). His assignment is to investigate the apparent appearance of Joseph Stalin on the subway platform at the Christye Prudy Metro station. Renko must tie the threads together to solve the mystery. It is filled with dark humor and action. Margaret Truman has just about placed a murder at all the well-known spots in Washington D.C. “Murder on K Street” is filled with big-time political maneuvering, lobbying and of course, murder. Filled with topical humor and events, this will fill an evening of lousy television watching.If you have a suggestion for something new that the library does not have, please let us know. We welcome suggestions from patrons and provided the item requested meets our collection development policy, it will be placed on order.So long until next year! The library is located at 500 S. Main St. Our phone number is 264-2260 and fax number is 432-264-2263. Our website is If you have reference questions, we respond by e-mail during library hours. You may e-mail us at It is checked several times a day and a prompt response will be forthcoming.Hollis McCright is director of the Howard County Library.