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If you are interested in World War II’s Pacific campaign, then check out “Neptune’s Inferno” (AUCD 940.542 HOR J) by James D. Hornfischer. It is the story of America’s first concerted offensive against the Imperial Japanese juggernaut and the true turning point of WWII in the Pacific. Another neat AUCD is “American Rose” (AUCD B LEE G) by Karen Abbott. It is the phenomenal story of Gypsy Rose Lee and her career in vaudeville. I have read a review of the print version and it really sounds good. I did not know that actress June Havoc was Gypsy’s younger sister.From Kim Edwards, who wrote “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter,” comes “The Lake of Dreams” (AUCD F EDW K). Lucy Jarrett returns to her home in upstate New York to confront unresolved issues. While wandering through her childhood home, she discovers dusty relics that will lead her to re-evaluate her family, her friends and herself. We also have it in large print.Gil Adamson’s debut novel “The Outlander” (F ADA G) is the story of Mary Boulton. Set in 1903, she is living in an isolated cabin. After losing her baby and suffering from depression, she kills her husband when she learns of his infidelity. Pursued by her dead husband's brothers, Mary is faced daily with life and death situations. Not really being equipped with survival skills each day is a test, but she proves herself to be resilient and manages to evade her pursuers. As she makes her way to an uncertain freedom through Idaho and Montana, she manages to run into quite a mixture of individuals; some are pretty unsavory outcasts, but others prove to be helpful.There are quite a few Westerns that have come in. Something we can identify with (with the recent range fires) is “The Burning Range” (LP W WES J) by Joseph A. West. It takes place in Oklahoma during the oil boom in the 1880s with gambler Chauncey Drake and the Pinkerton detective Reuben Withers. Sam Brown’s “Devil’s Rim” (LP W BRW S) has Concho Smith ridin’ down Mexico way (sounds like a country western song, doesn’t it?) hoping to find work there. On his way, he sees a beautiful woman trying to keep the ranch going, while her crippled husband sits and broods. Do you see where this is going? See how the story ends by checking out Brown’s book. Have you seen the latest version of “True Grit”? I understand the Coen Brothers have done a reasonable job of telling the story the way Charles Portis wrote the book. “True Grit” (LP W POR) was first published in 1968 and is the basis for both John Wayne’s version and the Coen’s. No need to reprise the story, read the book and see how they compare.We have filled in the gaps on the Home Repair is Homicide by Sarah Graves. Jacobia Triptree has retreated to a 1823 federal style home in Eastport, Main. “The Book of Old Houses,” “Mallets Aforethought” and “A Face at the Window” may be found in the mystery section. Please support libraries in Texas. You may go to the link provided below to express your support. The site is When you arrive there, press on the link that says “Take Action.” That will take you to an area that you can write a letter of support that will be sent to Gov. Perry, Sen. Kel Seliger and Rep. Jim Landtroop. If the Iink have provided does not work, you may go to and find the link to the “Take Action” site. Our latest issue is to preserve the discounts that libraries receive to have internet access at a rate we can afford.Did you know that local public libraries bridge the digital divide? Howard County Library provides 11 public access computers for patrons to use. People who use our computers are local residents, tourists and students. Most of our users don’t have computers at home. Or if they do, sometimes they cannot afford to have the digital link through a service provider. That is when they come to HCL to use our computers. At any given hour, we have anywhere from two to six people using our computers; and sometimes all of the 11 computers are in use.Please continue the telecommunications discounts that allows libraries, schools and higher education to obtain the T-1 line or fiber connections at no more than 110 percent of the cost. This program expires Jan. 1, 2012. Please amend the Texas Utilities Code (Chapter 52.258 268, 59.077 and 59.083) to extend this program.The library is located at 500 S. Main St. Our phone number is 264-2260. The website is