Christmas spirit is like no other

Christmas time is a season full of miracles. It seems out of all the months and other holiday seasons, Christmas brings out a different part of people. Something about Christmasreaches into people’s souls and unearths emotions, actions and other things which just wouldn’t be considered ordinary any other time of year. This year has been a different kind of year all together. Devastation has hit hard, with the high temperatures, severe drought conditions and horrible fires, but at the same time it has turned out to be a year filled with more positives than I could imagine. I guess for all the devastation there has to be a balance of good. Something has to renew faith in humanity. Each year at Christmas it, isn’t uncommon to see people drop a few coins in the Salvation Army kettles or pick an angel off the Angel Tree. What is rare are the anonymous deeds done from the pure kindness of a person’s heart. The gestures that aren’t made for the world to see, but are made in secret with only one hope — spreading joy to others. It’s the story of those gestures, the anonymous gifts given, which continue to renew my faith and hope in humanity. Those stories make me believe that no matter how horrible the world may be at times, no matter how awful the situation may be, there is always something to turn it around. Of course, money doesn’t have to be involved to make it mean something. It’s not about the dollar amount spent or how ellaborate the gesture. The thing which really matters is the meaning behind it came from the heart and touches the heart of another. Most of the time the good deeds which truly strike us only happen in the movies, or at least that’s how it seems. The Lifetime Channel and LMN are great places to turn to renew your hope in humanity. One movie, “Christmas Angel” which is being aired this Christmas season is the perfect example. One man who had it all gave it all up due to the realization money doesn’t buy happiness and started using his fortune to serve others. He provides help secretly, each Christmas, to any and all who might need his help. He ends up recruiting his neighbor to help him, but provides help for her in a way she never imagined. The meaning I’m trying to get across, which has touched me so much, is it’s not about how much you spend, how big the gift, but how much heart is contained in the giving of that gift. People have needs all year round, but Christmas time has a way of pushing those needs to the forefront of our minds. In reality, we all need something. Sometimes it’s as obvious as financial troubles, lack of home or food and other times it’s something hidden deep within ourselves which we choose to hide from the world. No matter what it may be, we each carry a problem within us and we all could use a little help ... a little caring. There are good people in the world. Caring hearts do still exist and just when you think all hope is gone, take the time to look around and you might be amazed at what you see. Contact staff writer Amanda Moreno by email at or by calling the office at 432-263-7331.