City approves purchase of one-arm dump truck

Staff Writer

The Big Spring City Council approved a $271,957.08 purchase for a full eject dump one-arm sanitation truck and called off the election for the District 3 seat, citing the race was uncontested when council members met Tuesday night.
According to Assistant City Manager John Medina, this one-arm sanitation truck will be the first of its kind in the city’s sanitation fleet and is made exclusively to handle the plastic 96 gallon roll out trash containers.
“Right now, our trash trucks will lift those (roll out containers) but they (the trucks) are retrofitted,” Medina explained. “These types of trucks will allow us to do that type of can and they’re really fast. They are designed for it. This has a grappler arm on it and just grabs it.”
In other business, city council members unanimously agreed to cancel the District 3 election. Terry McDaniel is running unopposed for the position.