City land to be rezoned

Staff Writer

During the city council meeting held on Tuesday, council members voted unanimously to rezone a section of land owned by the city from an agricultural zoning district to a heavy commercial zoning district.
A public hearing was made available with no residents speaking on the issue. The city decided to make the change in order to hopefully open up the opportunity for use of the land in the future.
“We believe that the uses that are going to be there in the future would better benefit heavy commercial than agricultural,” said Roxanne Johnston, city planner. “We would like to comply with the comp plan since we need to show an example to the public if we’re going to ask them to do the same thing.”
The property in question contains almost nine acres and is located approximately 975 feet southeast from the intersection of Interstate 20 and FM 700 on the east side of Big Spring. The planning and zoning commission approved the change and Johnston was still waiting to get an official written approval from TxDOT.
“We purchased this land for the potential for a back up plan for our landfill, that’s why we have ownership,” added Todd Darden, city manager.