City leaders speak out about Trump

Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Today, the United States once again practiced its policy of peaceful transfer of power. Former President Barack Obama has stepped down, and as of this afternoon, President Donald Trump is the 45th president of our nation. Thursday, some local leaders opened up with their thoughts about Trump and their hopes and opinions for his presidency.

Larry McLellan
Mayor of Big Spring
What is your opinion of Donald Trump?
“I think from a business standpoint, I think he might be good. I really don’t like some of the comments and criticisms he’s made during the pre-election time. But I feel like it might give us a change. It might be something that’s going to come back and surprise us. If he can work with the economic side, that’s really what we need in this country now. And if he can control his comments, I think he could do a good job for us. It’s going to be different. It’s non-traditional, and I’m well aware of that, but I’m hoping that the economy will be his priority and jobs will be a top priority for him, and he can come in in that area and maybe do we haven’t seen in a while.”

Carmen Harbour
Big Spring City Councilperson, District 2

What are some hopes you have for Trump’s presidency?
“The Obamacare system, which I believe is going to be one of the first things that he and his vice president do, I think that’s going to be a positive thing. One thing I wanted to comment on, the wall, being Hispanic. I think we need to educate our people and let them know, that, my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s directed at all Mexicans. To let them know it’s for illegal aliens that are here in the states illegally. He’s not directing it at all Mexicans, and I’m not just talking about all Mexicans. I’m talking about all illegals. A lot of people are taking that out of context and saying “It’s all about the Mexicans.” They’re all up in arms and all against it. My opinion there again is that I don’t think he’s directing it at all Mexicans.”

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