City to negotiate with Union Pacific

Staff Writer

Big Spring City Council members gave the go-ahead to city officials to negotiate with Union Pacific over a 1977 agreement regarding rail infrastructure and repair at MaMahon Air Park.
“Under our current contract for rail service within our track which is with Big Spring Rail service, this agreement would conflict. We would have two overlapping track agreements and use agreements for carrier and shipper provider use within that agreement,” according to City Manager Todd Darden. “ We felt it’s necessary to amend this contract or abate it. We have one concern that is over the switch and once we have the switch details worked out which requires Union Pacific to maintain the switch and 125 feet of that switch area there should be no problem abolishing the rest of it. We have those agreements in place with Big Spring Rail.”
Big Spring Rail has overseen the the rail service and track maintenance at the McMahon Wrinkle Airpark for the the last five years, Darden adding, “they’ve done an excellent job and we want to continue that. This is some housekeeping we need to do.”