City prepares for holiday aftermath

O' Christmas tree, o' Christmas tree — to compost you are heading?Not to sound all Scrooge-ish or anything, but as much as you enjoy looking at that Christmas tree and all those beautifully decorated packages in your living room, the simple fact is around this time next week, you'll be looking for ways to be rid of the things.As they do annually at this time of year, Big Spring city officials have announced plans for helping local residents dispose of all the extra trash that accumulates in Christmas season.The biggest of those soon-to-be trash items are live Christmas trees, and there's only one place you can take them — to the city's compost facility, adjacent to the landfill. There, they'll be ground into compost and recycled.The service is free of charge, and all the city wants in return is for residents to follow a few guidelines:• Do not put the trees in trash dumpsters. This will avoid potentially serious problems for city trash crews and potential fines for you.• Make sure all the ornaments and lights are off the tree.• Trees wrapped in plastic or other material won't be accepted.• And make sure the tree stand has been removed as well.As for all the other trash, particularly large boxes that will accumulate this season, the city will set large dumpsters at four locations beginning Saturday. Those sites are Coronado Plaza, Virginia and FM 700, College Park Shopping Center and the 700 block of N. Gregg.Happy Hauling-day!