Club needs more donations to secure Ambassadors' visit

The director of the local Boys and Girls Club said donations are still needed to bring the Harlem Ambassadors to town in February.

Sonnett Hildebrand said the club plans to stage a basketball game between the Ambassadors and a group of local players Feb. 23 at Dorothy Garrett Coliseum.

Aside from displaying their basketball skills, the Ambassadors will also visit local schools and present their “Stay in School, Stay Off Drugs” program, Hildebrand said.

But the catch is that bringing the team to Big Spring won't be cheap — Hildebrand estimates it will cost almost $5,000 to pay all the bills related to bringing the Ambassadors to town.

“Any donations we receive will be great,” Hildebrand said. “We still need to pay for the hotel, T-shirts … just about everything for this event.”

She added that it would be money well spent.

“The kids in the community deserve to experience the kind of show the Ambassadors bring with them. They deserve to be spoiled just a little from time to time. That's why we decided to bring the Ambassadors to Big Spring, and we're also hoping to be able to take the children in the Boys and Girls Club program on some educational and fun reward trips.”

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