Coahoma ISD OKs teacher pay raises

COAHOMA — School teachers here will see a raise in salary and help with rising insurance costs under a new budget formally adopted by trustees Tuesday night.Under the new budget, all teachers will receive a raise, but the biggest boost will be handed out to first-year teachers, who will see their salaries increase by $1,000 to $35,670, Superintendent Amy Jacobs said.“We did a state-wide salary study and what we found was that certain groups of teachers were paid significantly above the norm from others,” Jacobs said. “We've been trying to align our salaries with other districts in this area and, to do that, we decided we had to increase our entry level salaries.”Other teachers will receive raises as well, based on their years of experience, she added.With the state of Texas reducing its contribution to teacher insurance costs, Coahoma trustees decided to pick up at least part of the slack by adopting a one-time $1,000 stipend which will be paid to teachers this year, Jacobs said.“This is something which will be re-evaluated every year,” she said. “Hopefully, we'll be able to continue helping out our teachers in this area.”