Coahoma teacher attends “Founding a New Nation”

Staff Writer

COAHOMA — A middle school Coahoma ISD educator was one of 52 Texas teachers chosen to attend a four-day professional development institute in Austin sponsored by the Humanities Texas.
Joe Mireles, who teaches Texas and U.S. history as well as special education courses at Coahoma Junior High School, attended the course called “Founding a New Nation,” which took place in early June.
“They would start off the mornings with presentations,” said Mireles, who is beginning his 12th year in the education field and his second year at Coahoma ISD in August. “In the afternoon, we got to sit down with the professors, the presenters that were there. Basically, we got together as teachers and asked how can we get this to the kids where they can understand it. It was a small group session every afternoon. You got to talk with these professors, and we would bounce ideas off of each other on how to better implement it into the classroom."
The institute focused on topics central to the early history of the United States from various aspects of American Revolution to the rise of political parties, the development of the U.S. economic system, and the establishment of the federal judiciary and American foreign policy.
The program faculty included Pulitzer Prize-winning historians Jack N. Rakove of Stanford University and David M. Oshinsky of New York University, along with such distinguished scholars as Zara Anishanslin of the University of Delaware, Carol Berkin of Baruch College, Albert S. Broussard of Texas A&M University, Denver Brunsman of George Washington University, Jesús F. de la Teja of Texas State University, Woody Holton of University of South Carolina, Joseph F. Kobylka of Southern Methodist University, James Kirby Martin of the University of Houston and Alan Tully of The University of Texas at Austin, according to a press release from the Texas Humanities.
Classes were held at the The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts and the LBJ Presidential Library.