Council to consider city manager applicants

The Big Spring City Council will hold a special meeting Tuesday evening which is expected to include interviews with candidates currently vying for the municipality's city manager position, as longtime manager Gary Fuqua prepares for retirement.The meeting was called for by the Big Spring City Council during its June 11 meeting, part of an ongoing effort to fill the position currently being handled by Interim City Manager Todd Darden.The council held an executive session to discuss the matter during the June 11 meeting, as the city administration worked to bring newly elected Mayor Larry McLellan and District 5 Councilman Raul Benavides up to speed on the matter.According to McLellan, the field of candidates has gone from nearly three-dozen to just three vying for the position.“When this search started out, we had between 33 and 34 candidates,” McLellan said. “A committee was able to get that field down to about about seven or eight people. During the last meeting (June 11) we held an executive session and our goal was to get that list down to what the council felt was the three best candidates. By the end of the meeting, all seven members of the council agreed they could hire any of the remaining three.”McLellan declined to name the candidates, although he did confirm one of them is Darden.“I can tell you all three live in Texas and all three are very well qualified for the position,” McLellan said. “We'll meet with each of them and conduct an interview, probably about 20 to 30 minutes long, and then we'll deliberate on the matter.”