Council to elect mayor pro-tem

Big Spring City Council will meet Tuesday to consider a number of issues, including a second attempt at electing a mayor pro-tem.The council first attempted to elect a mayor pro-tem — a council member designated to stand-in for the mayor when necessary — during its June 25 meeting, with District 1 Councilman Marcus Fernandez absent.Fernandez and newly elected District 5 Councilman Raul Benavides were both nominated for the position, however, a vote yielded a tie vote of three ballots per nominee. Mayor Larry McLellan called for the election to be postponed until Tuesday night's meeting.Also slated for the meeting is:• First reading of an ordinance amending the zoning ordinance of the city of Big Spring by amending Article 2 entitled "Definitions" by providing definitions for "Temporary Workforce Housing," designated as Definition 774 "Intermodal Shipping Container”; designated as Definition 69A (and prohibiting use of intermodal shipping containers as living quarters); and "Modular Housing," designated as definition 81A, amending Article 7 entitled "Special Applications"; Section 7-l (aX9) "Temporary Workforce Housing" in order to provide for regulation of temporary workforce housing. The ordinance will also amend Section 7-2 entitled "Specific Use Permits," Subsection B, "Without Term Uses," by amending Number 35 "Mobile/Manufactured Home Park" in order to designate where such uses are allowed; amending Article 8 "Supplemental Use Standards" by Adding Section 8-7 "Temporary Use Permit for Travel Trailers and Recreational Vehicles as Living Quarters" and providing for sever-ability, for a maximum penalty of $2,000 and establishing an effective date and providing for publication.• First reading of an ordinance amending the City Code of Ordinances by amending Chapter 11 entitled "Garbage and Other Refuse," Article 2 entitled "Charges for City Collection of Municipal Solid Waste and Balefill," by renaming Article 2; amending Section 11-6 entitled "Collection by City Generally; Private Collection of Brush, Etc." to require disposal at the landfill; amending Section 11-8 (1) entitled "Collection Charges for Municipal Solid Waste," by renaming it and by amending Subsections (F) through (H) in order to provide for new landfill charges for the city landfill.