Council ponders disposal of demolition waste

Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Discussion about disposal of debris remaining after the demolition of dilapidated dwellings led the docket at the Big Spring City Council meeting Tuesday evening.
The council met in their chambers at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.
Discussion on what to do with the demolition leftovers arose when District Six Councilman Jim DePauw questioned an item on the Consent Items list for the meeting – the final reading of an ordinance approving the $25,000 fund for demolishing dilapidated structures in town. DePauw questioned why the remnants were being sent to an out-of-town landfill, rather than using the Big Spring landfill.
“We’re setting aside $25,000. We’re doing a budget amendment for $25,000. So it depends on what size houses you have to haul off, and where you take that waste,” DePauw said. “So if you haul it to Snyder or wherever, your costs are going to double. You’re going to be able to tear down half as many houses. So I think we want to get as much bang for our buck, and tear down as many down, and put it all in our own landfill, instead of hauling it out of town.”

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