County Commissioners sign resolution for voting centers

Courtesy photo/ Adrienne Green A special meeting was held by Commissioner’s Court on Friday afternoon, to discuss the option of voting centers. During the meeting Jodi Duck, Howard County Elections Administrator presented the program overview to the commissioners. At the end of the meeting, commissioners who were presented signed the resolution. Duck will send the  signed resolution and application, on to the Secretary of State and await a response, which is expected mid-March.
Amanda Duforat
Managing Editor

Voting centers have been the topic on hand this past week. Friday afternoon, the next step of the process was able to be reached, when the County Commissioners held a special meeting regarding the voting center program.
“Once again I presented the basis of the program to the commissioner's court, and at the end of the meeting, we received a signed resolution from the commissioners who were present,” Jodi Duck, Howard County Elections Administrator Jodi Duck, said. “The signed resolution by the commissioners will allow us to submit our application to the Secretary of State.”
According to Duck, vote centers would be the same polling locations used for countywide elections, but will allow any eligible voter in the county to vote their designated ballot anywhere in the county. Voters would have more flexibility when it comes to casting their ballots and would eliminate the need to check which polling place is assigned to which precinct.
“Overall we have received an overwhelming positive response to the voting center program,” Duck said. “We have conducted a few online polls and had about 91 percent in favor of the program. At the meeting, we also had members of the community there (with four of them speaking) showing their support for the program.”
Now that the commissioners have signed the resolution and approval has been granted at the local level, Duck said the application, along with the support letters she received in her office, will be submitted to the Secretary of State. ...

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