County Junior Livestock Show wraps up

They spread the wealth around when handing out awards at this past weekend's Howard County Junior Livestock Show.Unlike past years, when one was more likely than not to see multiple grand champion or reserve champion winners, 10 different youngsters took the 10 top spots at the 2013 show, which concluded its run Saturday.In the steer show, Braxton Iden took home grand champion honors, while Laurel Nix's entry was named reserve grand champion.Luke Grantham had the grand champion lamb entry, while Reagan Hamlin's lamb took reserve grand champion honors.In goat competition, Emilee Custer had the grand champion entry, while Morgan Luce entered the reserve grand champion in that category.Julia Castillaw entered the grand champion in barrow competition, with reserve grand champion honors going to Sam King.The final grand champion ribbon went to Summer Boudreaux, who had the top entry in rabbit competition; Faith Parum took home reserve grand champion honors.Hamlin grabbed two other awards, winning junior showmanship honors in both swine and lambs. Also, Ashley Luce claimed two senior showmanship honors in lambs and goats, respectively.Other showmanship award winners were:• Goats — Custer (junior).• Rabbits — Boudreaux (junior) and Parum (senior).• Steers — Seth Brooks (junior) and Iden (senior).• Swine — Castillaw (senior).R&H Well Service was named top buyer at the show, with $10,900 in purchases. Eggemeyer Land Clearing was second with $7,500 in purchases.HC Junior Livestock Show partial resultsSteersGrand Champion Steer: Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA.Reserve Grand Champion Steer: Laurel Nix, Coahoma FFA.British1. Laurel Nix, Coahoma FFA; 2. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA; 3. Seth Brooks, Coahoma FFA; 4. Jess Brooks, Coahoma FFA.Champion British: Laurel Nix.Reserve Champion British: Braxton Iden.Lt. Wt. Exotic1. Ali Knight, Howard County 4-H; 2. Zane Parker, Sands FFA; 3. Jess Brooks, Coahoma FFA; 4. Jerad Staggs, Sands FFA; 5. Jerad Staggs, Sands FFA.Hvy. Wt. Exotic1. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA; 2. Laurel Nix, Coahoma FFA; 3. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA.Champion Exotic: Braxton Iden.Reserve Champion Exotic: Ali Knight.SwineGrand Champion Barrow: Julia Castilaw, Coahoma FFA.Reserve Grand Champion Barrow: Sam King, Coahoma FFA.Duroc1. Brissa Coates, Coahoma FFA; 2. Bryce Hamlin, Sands FFA; 3. Tatum Miller, Howard 4-H; 4. Christian Gamble, HC 4-H; 5.Colby Latimer, Sands FFA; 6. Kolby Denton, HC 4-H.Champion Duroc: Brissa Coates.Reserve Champion Duroc: Bryce Hamlin.Lt. Wt. Hamp1. Austin Nichols, Sands FFA; 2. Reagan Hamlin, Sands FFA; 3. Sloan Shaw, Sands FFA; 4. Bryce Hamlin, HC 4-H; 5. Morgan Pierce, Coahoma FFA; 6. Julia Castilaw, Coahoma FFA; Morgan Luce, Coahoma FFA.Med. Wt. Hamp1. Gaige Hill, Coahoma FFA; 2. Reagan Hamlin, Sands FFA; 3. Brissa Coates, Coahoma FFA; 4. Vance Ott, HC 4-H; 5. Blaze Yeater, HC 4-H; 6. Edward Sloan Miller, HC 4-H; 7. Alex Hill, Coahoma FFA; 8. Yanci Yeater, HC 4-H.Hvy. Wt. Hamp1. Faith Parum, HC 4-H; 2. Kelsey Allen,Coahoma FFA; 3. Wendy Andersen, Coahoma FFA; 4. Tatum Miller, HC 4-H; 5. Katie King, Coahoma FFA; 6. Edward Sloan Miller, HC 4-H; 7. Trey Brumley, Coahoma FFA; 8. Dustin Fontana, Coahoma FFA.Lt. BOPB1. Julia Castilaw, Coahoma FFA; 2. Julia Castilaw, Coahoma FFA; 3. Vance Ott, HC 4-H; 4. Ethan Lopez, Coahoma FFA; 5. Jaquelyn Torbik, HC 4-H; 6. Abigail Lopez, Coahoma FFA.Hvy. BOPB1. Brissa Coates, Coahoma FFA; 2. Austin Nichols, Sands FFA; 3. Ethan Lopez, Coahoma FFA.Champion BOBP: Julia Castilaw.Reserve Champion BOBP: Julia Castilaw.Lt. WOPB1. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA; 2. Will Thomas, Sands FFA; 3. Trey Brumley, Coahoma FFA; 4. Yanci Yeater, HC 4-H; 5. Zane Parker, Sands FFA.Hvy. WOPB1. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA; 2. Aaron Thomas, Sands FFA; 3. Jaquelyn Torbik, HC 4-H; 4. Aubrey Parum, HC 4-H; 5. Hayden Tubb, HC 4-H.Champion WOPB: Braxton Iden.Reserve Champion WOPB: Aaron Thomas.Lt. Wt. Cross1. Colby Latimer, Sands FFA; 2. Reagan Hamlin, HC 4-H; 3. Bryce Hamlin, Sands FFA; 4. Will Thomas, Sands FFA; 5. Ashley Luce, Coahoma FFA; 6. Aaron Thomas, Sands FFA; 7. Ashley Luce, Coahoma FFA; 8. Zane Parker, Sands FFA.Med. Wt. Cross1. Kelsey Allen, Coahoma FFA; 2. Morgan Pierce, Coahoma FFA; 3. Colby Latimer, Sands FFA; 4. Emilea Brumley, Coahoma FFA; 5. Blaze Yeater, HC 4-H; 6. Morgan Luce, Coahoma FFA; 7. Kacee Allen, Coahoma FFA; 8. Emilea Brumley, Coahoma FFA.Lt. Hvy. Wt. Cross1. Julia Castilaw, Coahoma FFA; 2.Sloan Shaw, Sands FFA;3. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA; 4. Edward Sloan Miller, HC 4-H; 5. Braxton Iden, Coahoma FFA; 6. Dillion Daniel, HC 4-H; 7. Sloan Shaw, Sands FFA; 8. Wendy Anderson, Coahoma FFA.Hvy. Wt. Cross1. Sam King, Coahoma FFA; 2. Aubrey Parum, HC 4-H; 3. Angelica Diaz, Sands FFA; 4. Wendy Anderson, Coahoma FFA; 5. Hannah Darrow, Sands FFA; 6. Kaleb Denton,HC 4-H; 7. Kacee Allen, Coahoma FFA; 8. Brynn Workman, HC 4-H.Champion Cross: Julia Castilaw.Reserve Champion Cross: Sam King.