County to require landowners' permission for seismology studies

HERALD photo/Roger Cline Howard County Clerk Brent Zitterkopf, right, confers with County Judge Kathryn Wiseman as the commissioners return to their places following a closed executive session during their meeting Wednesday. Following the session, commissioners approved 80 hours of paid sick leave for a county employee.
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Companies conducting seismology studies on Howard County roadways will have to get permission from landowners in the area first. That's the decision reached by Howard County Commissioners at their meeting Wednesday afternoon.
"The concern is that, if a landowner does not want a seismograph done on his property, and we know that the majority of our roads, the ownership goes to the center of the road, then that property is still his. It's our road and our right of way, but he still fundamentally owns it outside of our easement to be on top of it," said County Road Administrator Brian Klinksiek. "Therefore, we should not give permission to a seismograph company that we do not have. I feel like our current multi-use permit, under the section for above-ground facilities would cover the seismograph company wanting to use the road, but the certification on the second paragraph of the front page, in yellow, states that they have to have land owners' permission. So moving forward, if we are agreeable to allow the seismograph company to work on our roads, they'll have to meet ownership requirements from the land owners, and prove that, and they're certifying to us that they have it."

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