County/College library in the future?

HERALD photo/Lyndel Moody
Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Howard College trustees approved an inter-local agreement with the Howard County Commissioners Court Monday to share a head librarian position for both entities’ program.
This agreement could be the first step to merging library resources for the two taxing entities in the future. Howard County Commissioners also approved the agreement Monday at their meeting.
“This position would give the ability to have a person who has supervision over all our (college) libraries as well as working with the Howard County library in that role but also … start researching and developing plans and to begin the conversation on: if we were do to this, how would we do this? What would it look like?” said Dr. Cheryl Sparks, Howard College president.
Also present at the meeting was Howard County Commissioner Craig Bailey who said dwindling funding from the state is putting pressure on the county budget. Bailey said the agreement could be beneficial to both entries to ensure a county library program continues in the future.
“I would never want to get to a place where we had to decide on roads or library or something else and a library,” he said. “I think it’s our responsibility at this time to look to the future and look toward any and every opportunity we might have in order to preserve if not expand our ability to give this service to the tax payers of Howard County.”