Creating a piece of serenity

Photo by Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Cody Strickland spent his Friday afternoon hands-deep in thick mud as he planted foliage along the spring area of Comanche Trail Park.
Strickland is a member of a volunteer group of military veterans lead by Burr Williams, a Texas master naturalist, and Kent Ivey, to find and plant native foliage in the historic spring area to enhance the $1.8 million renovation project.
The group’s goal is to plant native foliage that would have been prevalent in the area when man first came to the spring. On Friday, volunteers were wading through muddy soil to plant species of grass, wildflowers, sedge, and grapevines they had collected about a week ago at a Lynn Fuller’s ranch in Scurry County. This is just the first of many plantings.