Deputies seize horses after complaint

Law enforcement officials with the Howard County Sheriff's Office euthanized one horse and seized nearly a dozen others from a home in the 100 block of Carey this week after they acted on a citizen complaint the animals weren't being properly cared for.Sheriff Stan Parker said deputies responded to a complaint Wednesday at a home located just past the city limits.“The property is located in the county, just outside the city limits on Carey Street,” Parker said. “When deputies arrived on the scene they discovered 12 horses in all. One of the horses, unfortunately, was already on the ground and in really bad shape. A veterinarian was called to the scene and it appeared the animal was suffering from the advanced stages of malnutrition. It's not something you ever want to have to do, but the animal had to be euthanized.”Parker said the other horses, however, were in better shape and were immediately confiscated.“The 11 remaining horses were seized from the property and are making a really nice recovery,” Parker said. “We have them on a good diet and they are being cared for by a veterinarian who feels confident they will be able to make a full recovery. It's going to take some time, but it's something we're going to work on.”Parker said the conditions at the property where the horses were confiscated from were far from ideal.“There wasn't any feed or water for the animals and it was pretty obvious they hadn't been cared for in quite some time,” Parker said.Parker confirmed the owner or owners of the horses have been identified and located, however, no arrests have been made.“The case is still under investigation,” he said. “It will take a little while for us to complete the investigation and turn it over to the prosecutor, who will decide how he wants to proceed with it. We have been able to establish the ownership of the horses and we have spoken with the owner, however, I can't go into any details about what has been said at this point because it is still an open investigation.”Parker declined to provide the identity of the animals' owner or owners, again citing the open investigation.“We expect to wrap up the investigation some time next week or shortly after that,” he said. “Until then, I can't comment on those details.”