Downtown park project gets $37,000 boost from BSACF

HERALD photo/Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

A proposed private-public downtown park project received a significant boost in funding Thursday night when the Big Spring Area Community Foundation (BSACF) granted the city of Big Spring $37,000.
“That’s the kind of project that is going to create something in the community that’s going to be around a long time. We really feel this is the kind of thing we want to fund,” said Drew Mouton, BSACF board president.
Established in 2000, the BSACF uses a portion of its annual return on investments to fund community projects. Other funds have been established at the BSACF to support specific causes and entities.
The private-public park project was proposed by Brint Ryan, owner of the Hotel Settles. Last year, Ryan went before the city council requesting the entity to chip in $1 million to help fund the creation of a park between the Hotel Settles and the Big Spring City Auditorium. Ryan will be funding the majority of the project’s expense.
In all, BSACF doled out $114,283 in grants Thursday.
Grants were given to:
Big Spring State Park for security bars on the headquarter, $730.
Big Spring Symphony, $20,000
Heritage Museum for replacing flooring, $10,500.
Salvation Army for a computer lab at the Boys/Girls club, $9,431.
Victim Services, $7,347.
Help Our Pupils Excel (HOPE), for Big Spring ISD teacher project grants, $10,000.
Hangar 25, for renovations, jacks for the aircrafts, $5,000.
Big Spring Main Street, replace wood decking, $2,275.
Crossroads Young Marines, leadership training event, $2,275.
The BSACF also gave out $52,403 to agency funds created specifically to benefit a particular agency, and $20,500 to youths for college scholarships.
Agency funds:
YMCA, $45,769
Heritage Museum, $940
Big Spring Symphony, $1,278
Hangar 25, $4,416.
Receiving scholarships for higher education were:
Big Spring ISD: Alexess Sosa, Gabriela Viasana, Austin Lopez, Daniel Luna, and Daniel Jimenez.
Forsan ISD, Michael Mendez, Olivia Cansino, Lane Schafer, Sharrod Rushing, Ashlea Hardin, and Shelby Zachary.
Coahoma ISD: Breanna Grant, Bailey Swinney, John Phariss, Zain Treadwell, and Garrett Richardson.
Borden County: Savannah Herridge
Glasscock County: Diana Perez
Sands CISD, Laynah Archuleta
“The more our funds grow — and they are growing more substantially through the years — we are starting make a real difference in the community because we have enough money to grant both for scholarships and for other charitable organizations,” Mouton said. “So we thought having this banquet every year is a good way to number one show appreciation to the scholarship participants, the kids who have done well in school and are getting a scholarship from the foundation, and also to build some support in the community and spread the word a little bit on what we do and how we do it.
“Anybody who is interested in philanthropy personally, that’s why were are here,” he continued. “We’re not the charity, we are just the conduct. It’s a wonderful benefit for the community.”
For more information about the BSACF, call Mouton at 263-7676.