Duck picked to fill county election administrator spot

HERALD photo/Lyndel Moody
Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

As the new Howard County Election Administrator, Jodi Duck said she is committed to maintaining a high level of integrity in the office to safeguard one of the most basic American freedoms, the democratic election process.
“(Voting is) one of our basic freedoms,” Duck said. “It is something that has not ever been taken away from us. It is going to be ours, and we need to express that and be able to have that integrity in the elections and help people get that voice across no matter what side they’re own. That’s their voice and it needs to be heard, and we need to maintain that integrity. Men and women have died for us to have that choice, and it’s my honor to help them get that out.”
Duck was appointed to the position Thursday afternoon by a unanimous vote of the the Howard County Election’s Committee board members. She was one of two applicants to fill the position left open by the resignation of Saundra Bloom, who will retire at the end of the year.