Film Society hits the airwaves

For many, movie soundtracks are hidden deftly in the background of films, a presence that is often forgotten in the midst of a summer blockbuster or a tearful reunion between silver screen characters.

For others, however, the soundtracks stand on their own, at the very least conveying the emotions and memories of films through theme songs.

Who could forget the Imperial March from the Star Wars saga, or the upbeat theme from the Indiana Jones series?

Those sounds — ranging from musical scores to mainstream music included in films — is the focus of Movies on the Radio, a two-hour trek hosted by Big Spring Film Society Chairman Brandon Johnson each Tuesday night on KBYG AM 1400 radio.

According to Johnson, the show is dedicated to the music from the movies as well as movie news, reviews, and a ton of commentary from him and other film society members.

“When John Weeks acquired KBYG recently, he reached out and asked what he could do to help the film society,” Johnson said. “I told him he could give us an hour show to play music, talk about movies and push the film society projects, and I couldn't think of a better way to further our cause than doing a weekly radio show.

“Back in 1995 I had a show on KBYG called AM on the Edge, where we played rock music and acted like fools. So, going back on the air at KBYG was kind of like going home for me. The show was originally an hour but after a lot of positive feedback from listeners, we added another hour, and we still don't get to do everything that we'd like to.”

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