Forsan vs.Coahoma

Coahoma beats Forsan 56-0. The only thing needed to see these numbers on the scoreboard this week is to get the Delorean up to 88 mph and go back in time a year. Things should be a lot different when the Bulldogs travel to face the Buffaloes Friday night.The 5-1 (2-0 in district) Forsan Buffaloes are riding a four-game win streak into this week's district match-up, while the Bulldogs, 4-3 (3-0), are riding a three-game streak of their own. Overall, the two teams match up a lot closer than they did last season, both averaging around 30 points per game, and both rosters are loaded with small, quick players with explosive tendencies.Coahoma will be relying on junior quarterback Tanner Ruiz in Friday's game at Forsan, along with Cage Miller, Justin Coker and Aaron Acevedo. The four Bulldogs are having an outstanding season. Waiting to counter these four horses are the Forsan Triplets in the form of Ty Johnson, Brendan Roman and Foster Burchett. The staggering combined stats for these seven athletes are remarkable, as are their teams' collective records, streaks and overall attitude toward the game. But all stats take a back seat to one undeniable fact: It's Coahoma at Forsan. Throw the records out the window for this one. This should prove to be a fast-paced, living-up-to-the-hype classic. Give the cheerleaders plenty of Gatorade and put some marathon runners on the chains.Prediction: 42-38Flip a coin to see who ends upon top.