Founder of All Creatures Sanctuary finds her rescue

Courtesy photoPhoto By Amanda Elston
Staff Writer

You’ve got cat people and you’ve got dog people, but then you’ve Melanie Gambrell. Founder of the local All Creatures Sanctuary and Rescue, Gambrell currently gives a home to over 20 dogs, a couple cats, a handful of horses, a steer, and a parrot. 
One room in her home is dedicated to nothing but kennels. While most of the animals are being cared for until they can be relocated, some of them have made the cut into the permanent Gambrell family. One could guess that she is definitely an animal person.
“Because of where I live, it’s a sanctuary,” said Gambrell of her personal home/animal sanctuary. “They don’t have to go anywhere. They can live with me until they die. I’ve got several that are rescues that are 12 – 15 years old.”
While her animal population ranges in age from young to old, it was always Gambrell who did the rescuing. That is, until recently.
Richard, a young Catahoula who was recently adopted into Gambrell’s sanctuary, decided to go on a bit of an adventure a few weeks ago. Cathoulas are known runners and when Richard teamed up with another new rescue dog, off they went. Gambrell went into crisis mode posting flyers around town and at vets’ offices, placing photos of Richard on Facebook, and spending long days searching around her property.
“I really needed a drone to look,” laughed Gambrell.

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