Froyo’s gives back to the kids

HERALD photo/Robert Barlow
Staff Writer

The kids at the Boys and Girls Club were able to feast on some burritos the last two Mondays courtesy of a local business. Froyo’s brought the organization more than 100 burritos that were made by just a handful people.
After Ellen Austin, volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club, went around seeking support from local businesses to help fund a special day for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club, she was disheartened by the lack of support from some of the major food chains in the area.
“I've been volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, in the kitchen and so on, and I've seen that there is a need there,” said Austin. “My church donated $5,000 dollars recently, and I've been going around to different local businesses to see if they would like to donate, but of course a lot of them said 'call corporate.'”
However, one local business owner stepped up to the plate and decided to help give the club a little support with a lot of burritos.
“I was able to reach the lady at the Froyo's, and she now has a taco bar. Even though she's a fairly new business, she decided to help out the Boys and Girls Club anyway,” Austin said. “So last Monday we were able to have a burrito day. She donated 120 burritos.”