Funtastic rocks out weekend

Staff Writer

Once bitten by foul weather Friday evening, thousands of people weren’t twice shy about returning to downtown Big Spring that night for the music of Ronnie Milsap, and Saturday for Buzzkill, Quiet Riot, and Great White.
The event spanning Friday and Saturday was the 2017 Funtastic Fourth Independence Day celebration, organized by Big Spring’s Downtown Revitalization Association, and sponsored by Alon USA and 7-Eleven, among others.
“Oh, it’s going wonderful,” said Allan Johnson, volunteer and spokesman for the Big Spring DRA, Saturday afternoon. “It’s been awesome today. “People have been out all day since early this morning. We had a good time during the gospel music and everybody’s just coming out and having a good time.”
Johnson said the crowd took shelter during the thunderstorm that plagued Big Spring Friday evening, but didn’t let the bad weather dampen any spirits.
“We had a great attendance going last (Friday) night, and then we had Mother Nature…the weather kind of shot us in the foot there for a couple of hours or so,” he said. “But we still had Ronnie Milsap and we still had a great crowd for him. So we’re still excited. There were still a few thousand people out there. They weathered the storm and stayed out there with us.”
In fact, the rain cooled temperatures considerably from the triple-digit heat in effect Friday prior to the storm.
Clear skies welcomed in Saturday night's activities as Buzzkill, Quiet Riot, and headliner Great White rocked the crowd with heavy metal classics and some new material.
Johnson said the DRA has been able to attract some well-known acts to the annual festival thanks to its corporate sponsors. Of course, community members turning out as audiences for the shows doesn’t hurt either.
“That’s all thanks to ALON-USA and 7-Eleven coming in and putting all their backing behind us. That makes it great, and the total community support where we can do something like this,” he said. “We just appreciate all the people coming out and supporting it. We hope they continue to do so. And all the local businesses and everybody who did support us, thank you. And those who didn’t, hopefully you will, because this is something great and wonderful for Big Spring, Texas.