HC dance troupe to take stage

Time may have sprung forward recently, but the Howard College Dance Department is taking things back with its spring concert Thursday and Friday. Students will take to the stage of the Hall Center for the Arts at 7:30 p.m. to perform “Movin' with the Movies.”“There is a lot of history in this show,” Eulaine McIntosh, Howard College dance instructor, said. “You start seeing a lot of connection to the future when you start researching.”The dance troupe will open the show with a Titanic-themed performance, with some hip-hop and traditional jazz numbers as well. The second part of the show will lean toward the historical side. The second part will feature students performing a special adaptation of Gene Kelly's “Ring around the Rosy.” The number was part of the motion picture, “Invitation to the Dance,” which was released in 1956, according to McIntosh. The concert will also include a variety of swing music, early forms of jazz dance — based on ballet and tap dancing — and pantomime. “The riotous, foot-stomping jazz music and dance will make you want to jump out of your seat and join the dancers on the stage,” McIntosh said. The rendition will include the basic theme, but also include six other pieces from the 1930s through '50s genres of music. McIntosh said those pieces are higher tempo and reflect the sound of early swing. “This performance will include a wide variety of music through the ages,” she said. “Through the attendance of the shows, the community is showing support for the students as well as the college,” MicIntosh said. “Seeing a full audience provides great motivation to the students and shows them the community supports them.”Tickets can be purchased at the door, the night of the performance. General admission is $5 and students with ID are $3. Hall Center for the Arts is located at 1001 Birdwell Lane on the Howard College campus.