HC Theater Department brings ‘Greater Tuna’ to life

Staff Writer

Somewhere in the Great State of Texas lies the tiny metropolis of Greater Tuna – Pop. 194.5, Elev. 54. It’s a humble place, where chicken farmers battle the Humane Society, the local Smut Snatchers chapter wants to ban such vile garbage as “Roots” and “Romeo and Juliet” from the school libraries, and R.R. Snavely swears up and down he saw an unidentified flying chalupa hovering over the local watering hole. Of course, you can hear about it all on the Wheelis-Struvie Report radio program – if they remember to turn on the transmitter.
“Greater Tuna,” a play by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard, premiered in Austin in 1981. This past Thursday and Friday evenings, the satiric look at small-town life lit up the stage at Howard College’s Hall Center for the Performing Arts.
“We’re doing the production of ‘Greater Tuna.’ We’ve been rehearsing the show pretty much since we got back for the spring semester,” said the play’s director Dan Evers, Howard College theater professor and director of the Hall Center. “This is actually our show that we take to the Texas Community College Theater Festival. We’re going to be performing out at West Texas A&M in Commerce next week on Friday night."
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