House sorting begins in Coahoma ISD

Courtesy photo
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

In J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World of Harry Potter, students at the magical school Hogwarts are divided into four "houses" based on their personalities.
The Coahoma Independent School District doesn't teach magical spells, potion brewing, or Defense Against the Dark Arts, but they're going to give the houses idea a try.
"We're doing four houses or teams. That's district-wide; every employee and every student is divided into one of the teams," said Coahoma Superintendent Dr. Amy Jacobs. "What will happen is, throughout the year, we will feed into this point system. It'll be attendance, grades...individual classrooms can do things to earn points. As long as it's fair for all four teams to be able to earn the same number of points, they can integrate it however they want on the campuses."
The system is designed to build character, Jacobs said.
“We feel like the work ethic and the team work approach is beneficial to them in their classroom. It's beneficial in their school work, but it will beneficial beyond too,” she said. “It's part of developing the whole child.”

To read more about Coahoma ISD's new house system, see Tuesday's edition of the Big Spring Herald.