Howard College to celebrate 65th anniversary

On a county-wide ballot Nov. 17, 1945, Howard County citizens voted to create the Howard County Junior College District and elected seven representatives to serve on the school’s first board of trustees. Now, 65 years later, Howard College officials are taking a walk down memory lane as they begin a year-long recognition of the school’s 65th birthday.The college has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the hospital area of the old Army Air Force Bombardier School and, thanks to the continued support and encouragement from the Howard County community, Howard College has grown into one of the leading institutions of higher education in West Texas.Looking back over the years, one of the key components to the school’s success has been the leadership from the board of trustees. One distinguished member, Dr. Charles Warren, is well known to the Howard College family. After all, he has almost 50 years of service to the school, including his time as a student as well as his years as a member of the board of trustees.As a young high school student, Warren did not see college as an option. In fact, his father encouraged him to get a job at the filling station to pump gas, as money was tight. But young Warren had other things in mind and so did then Howard College men’s basketball coach, Harold Davis.“It just so happened I had started to play basketball in my junior year at Big Spring High School,” said Warren. “Luckily for me, Harold Davis, who later became a college trustee and long-time friend, picked me up and gave me a basketball scholarship and suddenly I had a way to go to college.”