Howard County Elections Office offers voting tips, announces Chamber candidate forum

Early voting is right around the corner. Duck offers voting tips and rules.
Amanda Duforat
Managing Editor

Voting season is approaching and the local election office, the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations are starting to set up events to help ensure the community is educated and prepared for the upcoming election.
"Every vote counts and that is really evident in smaller elections and the candidate takes the win by a small margin of votes. The policies that are decided on by local entities affect us directly and the voters have a great invluence on those policies," Jodi Duck, Elections Office Administrator, said.
As voting season approaches, Duck and staff wanted to ensure voters are prepared and informed about rules in and around polling locations. While in the polling locations, no campaign buttons, signs, shirts or flyers promoting candidates or issues or allowed. In addition, no cell phones, PDAs, computers, video equipment, recording equipment or other devices are allowed in the polling locations.
"One thing we want to remind voters about is that they don't have to vote in every contest on the ballot. If there is an issue or an office that they don't feel informed to vote on, they can leave that selection blank and their ballot is still valid," Duck said.
For those who are wanting to vote, but are needing assistance, there is the option of curbside voting, at each polling location. According to Duck, those needing to use curbside voting can call 264-2273 and let them know when you have arrived.
"Every polling location offers curbside voting for our elderly and disabled voters. We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to vote," Duck said. "Just call the office and alert the workers that you have arrived and a ballot will be taken to you."
For those wanting to get a sample ballot, they are available at least three weeks before the election and can be picked up, mailed, emailed or faxed upon request.

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