Ice cream anyone? AHA brings rolled ice cream to Big Spring

HERALD photo/Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Imagine a work surface, cooled from below to an icy chill. Sweet, creamy liquid is poured on this surface, and stirred until it freezes to ice cream consistency. Then, that newly frozen ice cream is spread thin and allowed to harden before being scraped up into curled rolls of deliciousness.
Several such rolls are carefully placed in a cup and topped with various goodies. Sound scrumptious? It’s Big Spring’s newest taste sensation, AHA Rolled Ice Cream, located at 612 South Gregg St.
“Rolled ice cream is originally from Thailand,” said AHA manger Tong Lin. “One of my partners, he’s Chinese. He saw it was interesting to people, fresh-made ice cream, handcrafted, where you see how it’s made. Like the Hibachi Grill, so you can show the people. He tries to bring interesting things to the United States. He’s from Chicago, and he went to Thailand to see how it goes, and brought it back to Chicago. He was successful doing the ice cream thing in Chicago. Huge crowds of customers.”

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