Indulge yourself — buy a toy

It’s time to relive your childhood. Seriously, you can do it.Remember that cool toy truck you wanted but never got? How about that glow-in-the-dark yo-yo or a motorized anything? Santa brought you the one that would roll about four feet if you rubbed its wheels across the carpet real, real fast.Maybe you got the no-name doll that stayed mute instead of Chatty Cathy or a Barbie.Well, you are in luck. Because now you can go back and buy “it.” You can purchase the best toy ever and not have one guilty feeling whatsoever. You can spend hours in the toy department and no one will think “What’s with that nut?” Or, if they do, you will know that what you are doing is anything but nutty.Imagine browsing through the plastic cowboys and Indians, the cars, trucks and airplanes, the doll clothes with wild abandon. And then, instead of sighing and walking away, you can actually buy something!Here’s the catch (there’s always a catch). Other than the actual thrill of the “hunt” and the purchase, you won’t be buying it for yourself. But the outcome is almost as good — you’ll be buying it for some young boy or girl in Howard County who otherwise might not get a toy ... or a shirt or a dress or whatever you choose. That’s pretty special.Salvation Army Angel Trees are up in several locations in our community, including the Herald. It’s simple, pull a card off the tree, go shopping — preferably with wild abandon — and return the gifts to the tree or to the Salvation Army on Fifth Street. It’s time you did something for yourself. Relive your childhood. Do it for you.