ISD trustee walks out of board meeting

Big Spring Independent School District Trustee Pat DeAnda, claiming she's been ignored and marginalized by administrators and her colleagues on the school board, abruptly walked out of the middle of Thursday's board meeting.DeAnda, District 2 trustee, had expressed her desire to address the board on “concerns” she had about the way BSISD officials were conducting the district's business. When told the subject had to be included on the evening's posted agenda in order to be discussed, she quickly summoned members of the media outside the board room for an impromptu news conference.There, she leveled several charges against BSISD Superintendent Steven Saldivar, saying he has waged a war of intimidation against district employees which has resulted in many of those employees quitting their jobs.“Why are so many teachers leaving? And why are they being treated like the scum of the earth?” she asked rhetorically. “It's because this administration expects them to be perfect.”She then claimed several steps have been taken to marginalize her as a trustee, up to and including muting her microphone so her comments cannot be heard by people watching televised meetings.“They've never made me feel welcome,” she said. “When I was sworn in, it was all done so quickly I didn't know if I had just been sworn into the KKK or the Obamacare party or what.”To DeAnda, this “silencing” tactic employed by the district may just be the tip of the proverbial iceberg.“I feel like I'm being silenced by the leadership in this district,” she said. “What are we hiding? What is so criminal about what we are doing that they won't talk about it?"