ISDs enhance security

John Law will be a constant presence at Forsan and Coahoma school campuses starting this August.Concerns about student and staff safety have reached new heights in the wake of school shootings across the country in recent months. While some Texas school districts are debating options such as arming teachers, both Coahoma and Forsan have instead chosen to go with a permanent law enforcement presence at their campuses.Both school districts are contracting with the Howard County Sheriff's Office to have a full-time deputy on their campuses this coming school year. Coahoma trustees approved the agreement earlier this week, while Forsan officials are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.County Sheriff Stan Parker, meanwhile, has hired two new deputies to fill the positions. The deputies will be county employees, but will be paid by the districts nine months of the year and the county during the summer months.“The specific duties (while working for the school districts) will include setting up security at school events, building security … and emergency planning,” Parker said. “But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's quite a few other duties they'll be involved with that still need to be spelled out. This is not going to be a job where they just go and hang out all day.”