It’s time for a clean up at Moss Lake

Courtesy photo Photographed above is a spot out at Moss Lake, which is located at 10000 East Moss Lake Road. Moss Lake is hosting a Lake Clean Up day Saturday, April 21 at 8 a.m.
Amber Mansfield
Staff Writer

To the east of Big Spring, hidden by a forest of mesquite trees and rolling hills, is a little reservoir called Moss Creek Lake, or Moss Lake. This hidden little gem may be small in comparison to some lakes, but still has plenty to offer for anyone who comes for a visit.
At Moss Lake you can find a sandy beach for swimmers and sand castle builders, hundreds of acres for hiking and ATV's, campsites, pavilions, and plenty of room for boats and jet skiers. Though, just like any area that has people who come to visit, camp, BBQ or fish, there will be trash left behind. This can not only make an area aesthetically unpleasant, but can also harm the environment. That's why one local decided to take it upon herself to organize a community clean up for Moss Lake to help get rid of the trash so that Moss Lake can be a place that provides a clean and safe environment for the community to visit.
“My family and I are always going out to Moss and we love it,” said Olivia Newton, coordinator of the Moss Lake Clean up. “Though this last time, we went out to Moss we noticed that there was a lot of trash left out by people who haven't been doing their part.”
The Moss Lake Clean Up will start on Saturday, April 21 at 8 a.m., with volunteers meeting first by the bathrooms where gloves and trash bags will be distributed. Newton, who also works in the Behavioral Unit at Scenic Mountain Medical Center, stated that people who come to Moss and don't pick up after themselves is starting to create a problem for those who try and make Moss an enjoyable place for families and people to gather. So, she decided it was time to step up and clean up.

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