Keep on rockin'

HERALD photo/Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Little painted rocks.
They're finding their way into peoples' lives across the Permian Basin, thanks to a group of people focused around a Facebook group called Permian Basin Rocks.
"The concept is that you just put a rock out. Some of them just have an inspiring word on them, maybe 'pray’, or it could be ‘smile' or anything like that," said active group member Mary Lou Hall. "And the concept is that someone comes along and finds that, and possibly needs that word that day."
The rocks are painted with brightly colored images or inspiring words, and each have a paper tag asking their discoverers to post a picture to the group's Facebook page, Permian Basin Rocks.
Since the group was founded last fall by Odessa resident Dana Decker, the Facebook group's membership has grown to nearly 1,500 members, and Hall estimates that she and Decker have each personally distributed more than 200 rocks, with other group members adding many more to that total.