Long time BSSH administrator retiring

Longtime Big Spring State Hospital Superintendent Ed Moughon has announced his retirement after serving at the facility in various capacities for 25 years. Moughon, 64, will step down at the end of the month. He has played an integral role in not only keeping the hospital in Big Spring, but turning it into a model facility.Moughon and his wife came to Big Spring from the Dallas-Fort Worth area when he had the opportunity to get back in the psychiatric care field. It's been the people — his staff, his clients and the residents of Big Spring — that have kept him here since his 1988 arrival.When Moughon took over as superintendent 17 years ago, the hospital's future was uncertain. Now, similar facilities in Texas have been known to take cues from Moughon and his methods of transforming state hospitals from cold, institutional settings to warm, inviting places of residence for those who stay at them. He has earned accolades in the past for running a compassionate business, including the Texas Public Employees Association's highest honor, the Preston E. Harrison Award in 2001, which recognized Moughon as an innovator in his field.Another achievement was the assembly of the volunteer council, which is comprised of about 100 local residents who strive to ease the burden of patients under the care of BSSH. The program has helped create a friendlier atmosphere within the hospital, but according to Moughon, it wasn't an earth-shattering proposal.“Business listens to customers all the time,” Moughon said when the committee was created. “A lot of times, a hospital will hire one person to get feedback. We have people from all over West Texas and we thought, why not get feedback from people here right now? They've been incredibly valuable.”