Love is not a game

I can't emphasize on how you make me feelwith those pleasant whispers in my ear. An intense moment that bought tears of joy, a sweet melody I needed to hear. A familiar face has surfaced again, all of my frustrations have disappeared. I thank God for blessing me with a loveso tender and so dear. People's opinions really doesn't matter anymorethey're on the outside looking in. Their painful thoughts and hateful waysare piercing to my skin. Eventually we come to the terms and find out there's more about us we should learn. A dishonest heart and lack of trusthave become our main concerns. My instincts tells me we love one another and my heart says it's true. Can love survive the test of times, because love sometimes can be blind. Anticipation is what love brings and sometimes so much pain.My heart knows not to play with lovebecause love is not a game. Tony WattersEl Paso