Melvin A Porter, M.D.

9/1/22 – 2/11/13Melvin A Porter, M.D., passed gallantly from this world into the arms of his Savior, Jesus Christ on Feb. 11, 2013. He left the same way in which he lived: peacefully and full of dignity. In his final hours, he was surrounded by family who read to him his favorite Psalms and scriptures, sang hymns and covered him in prayer.Born in Norton, Kan., on Sept. 1, 1922, Mel was the youngest of five siblings. He followed the example of his brothers and, after finishing high school, attended Kansas State University and joined the wrestling team. In 1943, he joined the United States Army and passed an exam that placed him in the medical program. The Army sent him to Johns Hopkins University and then to George Washington University School of Medicine.He earned his medical degree in 1949 and, after some overseas tours with the Army, he was honorably discharged with the rank of captain. He completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas and then began a private practice as a board certified OB/GYN in Big Spring, Texas in 1959. After 38 years in practice and bringing thousands of babies into the world, he reluctantly retired.Melvin had a brilliant mind and loved to read. His favorite subjects were alternative medicine and the Holy Bible and he enjoyed sharing his knowledge on both topics. He was a teacher at heart and cherished the opportunity to create a practical or moral lesson out of everyday occurrences.In addition to reading, his passions were classic cars, photography, ice cream and sports. He would watch any sport on television and he was an avid golfer and snow skier. He loved a good joke and never missed a chance to use a pun.He was famous for his supreme patience and ability to stay calm in any situation. Those attributes came in handy, whether he was at work or on vacation teaching friends and family members to ski or teaching yet another teenager how to drive a stick shift, which he considered to be an important skill.Mel had a wonderful sense of adventure. He loved to travel and sometimes even arrived at his destination piloting a V-tail Bonanza airplane. He enjoyed roller coasters and once, in Las Vegas, while waiting in line for the “Big Shot” thrill ride on top of the Stratosphere Hotel, he was asked, “What if it didn’t stop and just flew off the top of the building?” He replied, “Oh, but what a way to go!”He had that joyful attitude and positive outlook about everything. He was kind to everyone he met and never spoke a bad word about anyone (except certain politicians).Even in our sorrow over his absence, we are rejoicing for him, knowing he is in the presence of our Almighty God and has a new body, free of pain. We can just imagine him arriving in heaven, falling prostrate in worship before the Lord and then David, the Psalmist, taking his hand and showing him where they keep the ice cream. We know that if he could share one last bit of wisdom, he would tell us, “Trust in the Lord, and take vitamin C to tolerance.”Mel was preceded in death by his parents, Walt and Ella Porter; three brothers; and one sister. He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Linda Porter; his sons, Scott Porter, M.D., Hugh Porter and Gary Porter; his daughters, Pati Cruce and Pam Cimino; and seven grandchildren.The family held a private graveside service and laid his body to rest in a family plot near Weatherford, Texas. Memorial donations in Mel’s honor should be sent to Zola Levitt Ministries, Hal Lindsey Ministries, Operation Blessing or the charity of your choice.Paid obituary