Member cities face cut in water deliveries from CRMWD

Barring some heavy rains in the near future, Colorado River Municipal Water District member cities will have to make do with less water this year.

CRMWD General Manager John Grant confirmed Friday that maximum water deliveries to member cities will be cut by 10 percent effective Feb. 1.

Two of the water district's four main sources of water — Lakes Thomas and Spence — are at critically low levels, leaving Lake Ivie and the Ward County underground water well fields as CRMWD's only dependable sources of water, Grant said.

Lake Spence, near Robert Lee, is at less than 3 percent capacity, while Lake Thomas, between Big Spring and Snyder, is only about 5 percent full.

“If we don't get any inflow into Spence soon, we'll be effectively out of water there,” Grant said. “That means we'll be down to two water sources, and our pumping capacity won't be able to keep up with customer demands … Essentially, we'll be a four-legged dog with only two legs.”

A reduction in maximum deliveries won't adversely effect water deliveries until the peak months of June through August, when demand is at its highest, Grant said.

This marks the first time in the water district's 61-year history that it has had to restrict water deliveries, he added, but with no significant rainfall in the long-range forecast, CRMWD's decision became unavoidable.

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