Microbrewery zoning on City Council agenda

Roger Cline
Staff Writer

At their meeting Tuesday, the Big Spring City Council will take a look at rules for businesses which make adult beverages.
The council, meeting in their chambers at 307 E. Fourth St. at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, has a public hearing on microbreweries, microdistilleries, and wineries planned.
The agenda also includes consideration of the first reading of an ordinance amending the zoning rules to allow for the small hard beverage producers.
The ordinance up for consideration defines “Microbrewery, Microdistillery, or Winery” as “An establishment for the manufacturing, blending, fermenting, processing, and packaging of alcoholic beverages with a floor area of ten thousand square feet (10,000 sq. ft.) of production space or less that takes place wholly inside a building. Silos and containers of spent grain are allowed as outdoor storage and must be screened. All other outdoor storage or repair is prohibited. A facility that only provides tasting or retail sale of alcoholic beverages is not a microbrewery, microdistillery, or winery use.”

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