Mishap ruins toys ready for children

Officials with Spring Tabernacle Ministries announced this week the church's annual toy drive had to be cancelled after severe water damage at the facility destroyed much of its supply of holiday gifts.Mona Lue Tonn, pastor of Spring Tabernacle, said a problem with the installation of an evaporative cooler a few months ago led to the flooding, which caused serious damage in several of the rooms used to store the Christmas gifts, which included stuffed animals and clothes, among other items.“We had refrigerated air units installed in the sanctuary, so we had the evaporative units moved from there to the area near the Christmas toy drive supplies,” Tonn said. “However, when they cut the holes for the evaporative units, they cut them too large, leaving room for rain to get into the air ducts. A couple of months ago, when we got all that really heavy rain, the water came in through the space around the evaporative unit and basically went wherever the air conditioning ducts led. It was a real mess.”Tonn said a number of the church's activities are currently on hold, not just because of the water damage, but because of health issues.“I had to have hip replacement surgery Nov. 9,” Tonn said. “I'm going through all of the physical therapy now and my doctor said during my most recent evaluation that I'm coming along great. However, I'm having to put a lot of the things on hold at the church until I've recovered."