MVPN Basic Training

Tyler Schellie
Staff Writer

The Military Veteran Peer Network continues to branch out by conducting meetings that reach out not just to military veterans, but to numerous groups of health providers, spouses and family members of veterans, and those who are also looking to gain knowledge on the topic.
"This is something we do with health care providers that are most likley going to be working with veterans or families who don't quite understand what the Veteran is feeling or how to go about handling said scenarios,” said United States Army Veteran and Manager at MVPN-West Texas Centers, Francisco Salas Garza Jr. “This is a way to help them understand some of the problems that they might be struggling with, things that are so common, like PTSD, depression, substance abuse and just coping with society."

For the full story and info regarding the upcoming meeting, please see Thursday's edition of the Herald.