Neo-nazi group may rally here

A neo-Nazis group based out of Detroit, Mich., may be planning a “fully uniformed rally” in the Crossroads area, according to local sources.The National Socialist Movement — which the Big Spring Herald recently reported was leaving flyers and pamphlets at area residents' homes — will likely be holding a rally in Big Spring, Midland or Odessa, according to a local resident speaking on the condition of anonymity.“That's the word that is going around right now,” the informant said. “It will be what they call a 'fully uniformed' rally, which means the members will be wearing their uniforms and carrying the NSM banner, both of which include swastikas. These types of rallies are generally used to get the media's attention and to help the group with recruiting efforts in the area.”Flyers and pamphlets encouraging area residents to join the NSM cause have already been distributed in and around the Crossroads area, according to local residents.“It was outside my home. I'm not sure when anyone dropped it off or where they may have been traveling to, but it was certainly there in the morning,” one local man told the Herald this week. “The flyers identify the group and provides a phone number, e-mail and website for them. It was surprising, to say the least.“The first thing you see when you go to the website is all of the swastikas. And if you read their propaganda, they are pretty straight forward regarding what they are after. It was sickening, to tell you the truth.”Similar flyers have been reported in the Odessa area, according to reports by television news station KOSA CBS 7. The material also announces the NSM has a group in West Texas.The NSM recently addressed local concerns the group's “hate speech” could have a negative impact on the Permian Basin area.“To all West Texas, we are not a hate group,” the release reads. “We are a political party for the best interest of white/European people. We are using our First Amendment right of free speech. You will never hear us use any type of foul language or hate speech. We just want to get our message out to other like-minded, white (A)mericans.”According to the NSM website, the group was started in 1974 by Robert Brannen and Cliff Herrington, former members of the American Nazi Party and limits its membership strictly to non-Semitic heterosexuals of European descent. The group also touts a “Party Viking Youth Movement” for members less than 18 years of age.In 2009 the NSM had 61 chapters in 35 states, making it the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.According to the Anti-Defamation League, the NSM is one of the “most explicitly 'Nazi-like' neo-Nazi groups, which emulates the Third Reich. It has a vaguely paramilitary structure, with military ranks for its members.”