New CRMWD plant to boost raw water supply

The new Colorado River Municipal Water District water reclamation plant is up and running, according to district officials, as the facility goes through a 30-day run to make sure all of the “bells and whistles” are operating as planned.CRMWD Manager John Grant said the facility — located on the city's east side, near the municipal animal shlter — is fully operational and adding approximately 2 million gallons of reclaimed water to the district's raw water supply each day.“The 30-day run is basically a period in which we monitor the plant after construction to make sure everything is operating like it's supposed to. It's part of the construction process and makes sure everything is right before the construction company is finished,” Grant said. “It's sort of like test driving a car before you buy it.”According to Grant, the plant is now taking in the treated sewage water that, in the past, has been dumped into Beals Creek by the city of Big Spring.“Prior to the new plant, the water would be dumped into the creek by the city and would flow down the creek, eventually ending up in the Colorado River and the area reservoirs,” Grant said. “So, even before the reclamation plant was constructed, this wastewater was finding its way back into our water supply, being treated and, in the end, being delivered to municipal water customers.“What we've been able to do, however, is eliminate that long, unnecessary trip. By bringing in the water directly from the city plant, we also eliminate a large amount of the water that was being lost due to evaporation and other natural systems associated with the creek and river. Now the wastewater comes in directly from the municipal facility, is treated by our plant and added back into the raw water delivered to the municipalities.”