No. 24 BSHS boys throttle Tigers by 36

One thing Big Spring boys’ basketball coach Cliff Thompson noticed in the Steers’ 85-49 win over Snyder Friday was how packed the gym wasMaybe the newly-ranked No. 24 Steers are getting a little bit more attention than they thought they would at this point in the season. “I think the word is spreading,” head coach Cliff Thompson said. “I don’t know how that got out. I guess people read the paper more than I thought. That ranking doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but hey, if it gets people in the stands, put us wherever you want. It kind of puts a target on our back, but it’s OK to have that target when you have support like that.”The Steers aren’t trying to put too much weight into the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches’ ranking, but they played like the team to beat in District 5-3A on Friday. Luke Adams had 20 points and 11 assists, but it was big men Devante Lloyd and Chazzell Robinson who were impressive. Robinson had 16 points and 11 rebounds and Lloyd had 14 points and 14 rebounds. The points for the two post players are season-highs. Marc Segundo and Dayvion Young chipped in 13 apiece, too. So, Friday’s game marked the first time the Steers had five players in double figures and it was the first time they’ve had a double-double this season. Big Spring was in control of this one from the get-go. The Steers jumped out to a 14-5 lead thanks to shots from Lloyd, Robinson, Adams and Segundo. The Steers extended that lead to 23-7 when Adams’ 3-pointer and buckets from Lloyd and Mike Menefield started the second quarter. Lloyd got hot toward the end of the quarter when he hit three consecutive shots to give Big Spring a 31-16 lead.Then, Robinson went off early in the third when he scored four consecutive shots to give the Steers a 41-20.The two credit Adams for getting them the ball when they were open and Lloyd especially feels proud of his performance considering how quick the Tiger were.“For me it was hard because I’m so big and they’re so little and quick,” he said. “They’re just hard for me to keep up with. I did the best I could and we came out on top.”While the Tigers are quick, Thompson said their style of play isn’t suited for comebacks when they get in deficits. That fueled the the Steers’ run.