Planning a great Super Bowl party?

Whether you are a football fan or not, the Super Bowl is reason enough for getting together and having a good time. For fans, it's a special occasion — no matter what two teams are playing. For football widows — and you know what we mean if you are one — it's a time of celebration because it's the final game of the season.This year, coming on the heels of a major cold front, a game-time forecast in the low- to-mid 50s makes grilling a real possibility, always a hit for a crowd. Steaks, fajitas or burgers anyone? Brisket? Ribs? Even hot dogs sound good. Chips and dips are a must. Did someone say chicken wings?Cook out? How about eat out?That's a real possibility, too, as several local restaurants with large screen televisions will be inviting customers to dine with them and watch the game. The city's collection of bars — nightspots, if you prefer — will also be featuring the big Packers-Steelers clash on TV and no doubt be offering specials on food and drink of all types.All in all, it should be a lot of fun.But there is the potential, of course, for some disaster, especially when alcohol might be involved. Our experience is that booze often finds its way to big bashes. Likewise, many of us, while celebrating big bashes, find our way to the spirits. After all, one of the largest brewers in this country is a major sponsor of Sunday's televised event. Yep, in between urging us to pop a top on a Bud, we'll be reminded over and over to “drink responsibly.”And that's is what we are doing, urging our readers to plan ahead if they plan on having a drink or two or three while enjoying Sunday's big game. If it's your intent to slop some hops this weekend, we're not here to say “don't.” But we are here to say don't get in your vehicle and drive afterward. Appoint a designated driver if you are going as a group or call a taxi, phone a friend.When you drink alcohol, it's your life you are messing with. When you drink alcohol and get behind the well, it's an entirely different matter. Believe us, you do not want to go through the rest of your life knowing that your stupidity caused someone their life. In short — don't drink and drive.Have a great time. Celebrate! Go Packers! Go Steelers! But foremost, Go Home safely.