Poem: If

If people who are called by my namewill humble themselves and pray, seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land. I like this definition of heal: to put something right, to repair or rectifysomething that causes discord or animosity. Before a harmonious relationshipcan be reestablished, the sin which caused the alienation must be dealt with. Both testaments agree God is willing to forgive because of his love for us. As Daniel cried in his prayer of confession. We do not make requests of you because we are righteous but because of your great mercy. We know how sin blinds, howit hardens the heart and yes it affects not just our relationship with God, but those that we love. Israel spent 40 years in the dessert, Jonah three days in the belly of a whale. Don't be a stiff neck,don't harden your heart, when the Lord calls you, learn to surrenderingyourself to God. Whatever animosity you have towards someone will eventually spew out on those you love. Sin also seperates us from God. There are some today that don't recognize the sin in their livesor perhaps don't know how to seek God's face. God's face is his perfect will to acknowledgehim.Acknowledge your sins because the Bible says that even when you don't know it's sinit's still sin find out in God's word what is wicked. Chapter 7:11 says that Solomon finished the house of the Lord and the kings house; and Solomon successfully accomplished all that cameinto his heart to make in the house of the Lord and in his own house. I want to accomplish those things that come into my heart to make his house a place of worship. David said one thing have I desired of the Lord and that will I seek after. We need forgiveness, we need our land to be healed, we need to seek his face. I read that you will be no stronger than the object of your worship. Find a place, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord. He lovesyou. Let him be the one you worship today, be strong. JoElle Ludington